14/2023: Saperi, pratiche e ricerca partecipata/2

13/2023: Saperi, pratiche e ricerca partecipata/1

12/2022: Chinese landings. Education models and practices in the Chinese context

11/2022: What digital cooperation?

10/2021: Paulo Freire. Roots and grafts

9/2021: Open-air classrooms

8/2020: The seed under the rubble. Education and armed conflicts

7/2020: Hope never gets archived. Legacy, scenarios and perspectives of education in Latin America

6/2019: Bella ciao. Critical education as resistance against populism, sexism, racism

5/2019: Do not kill, neither in thought nor in deed. Politics and nonviolence in Aldo Capitini, Martin Luther King and don Tonino Bello 

4/2018: A force that gives life. Dialogues with Fulvio Manara

3/2018: Scampia and the pedagogy of the fragile

2/2017: For a culture of hospitality

1/2017: Out of register. The school that changes from the bottom